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best new travel insurance companies in usa 2023

 As the world slowly returns to a sense of normalcy in the midst of a global pandemic, more and more individuals are looking forward to future travel plans. While the excitement is palpable, it is equally important for us to ensure that our travels are protected and that we have access to reliable travel insurance coverage. To help you keep peace of mind during your next adventure, we have compiled a list of the best new travel insurance companies in the USA for 2023. These companies offer innovative and exciting options, ensuring that your next trip is worry-free. Let's dive in!

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1. Introduction to the Best New Travel Insurance Companies in the USA for 2023

As someone who loves to travel, I know the importance of having reliable travel insurance. The good news is that there are several new travel insurance companies in the USA for 2023 that provide a range of options for travelers. In this blog, we will dive into the top picks for the best new travel insurance companies in the US for 2023, including Allianz Global Assistance, Travelex Insurance Services, World Nomads Travel Insurance, HTH Worldwide, Nationwide, Seven Corners, Generali Global Assistance, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection, and TravelSafe. Each company has its own unique offerings, including customizable upgrade options, medical coverage, and even luxury travel options. Stay tuned for more in-depth reviews on each of these exciting new options for travel insurance in 2023.

2. Allianz Global Assistance: Best Overall Travel Insurance Company

As someone who travels frequently, having reliable travel insurance is a must. That's why I'm excited to share with you that Allianz Global Assistance is the best overall travel insurance company for 2023. With over 55 million policies sold, Allianz has a proven track record of providing excellent travel protection for its customers. They offer trip protection for cancellations, emergency medical needs, and more. And with the ability to get a quote, compare plans, and buy online, it's incredibly convenient to secure the coverage you need. Overall, Allianz's comprehensive coverage, user-friendly online platform, and excellent customer service make them a top choice for any traveler.

3. Travelex Insurance Services: Best for Customizable Upgrade Options

As someone who loves to travel, I always make sure to get the right insurance coverage before taking off. That's why I'm excited to share that Travelex Insurance Services is one of the best new travel insurance companies in the USA for 2023. What sets Travelex apart is its customizable upgrade options, allowing travelers to tailor their coverage. With Travelex, you can select from a range of upgrades, including trip cancellation and interruption, medical and dental, and rental car coverage. That way, you can rest assured that you're covered for what matters most to you during your travels. Plus, Travelex also includes 24/7 emergency assistance for added peace of mind. Overall, I highly recommend Travelex Insurance Services for travelers who want to customize their coverage and have the flexibility to choose what's important to them.

4. World Nomads Travel Insurance: Best for Adventure Seekers

As an avid adventurer, I'm always on the lookout for travel insurance that suits my needs. That's why World Nomads Travel Insurance stands out to me as the best option for adventure seekers. Their comprehensive coverage includes medical emergencies, evacuation, baggage claims, theft of belongings, and even coverage for a range of adventure sports. I also appreciate the ability to customize my plan to fit my specific travel plans, whether it's a short or long-term trip. Plus, with coverage available for nomads and remote workers from 150 countries, it's a great choice for those seeking unique experiences. Overall, I highly recommend World Nomads for any traveler looking to explore the world with peace of mind.

5. HTH Worldwide: Great for Medical Coverage

As a frequent traveler, I've come to understand the importance of having a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes medical coverage. In this respect, HTH Worldwide stands out as a top option for anyone looking for high-quality insurance that can provide them with the peace of mind they need while traveling overseas. With HTH Worldwide, you can rest assured that you'll be protected against any unexpected medical expenses you may incur while abroad. Their international health insurance plans offer coverage for global travel, living and study, making them a great choice for students or those living abroad for extended periods. As someone who has personally used HTH Worldwide, I can attest that their customer support is second to none, with their team always ready to assist you, no matter where you are in the world. Overall, I would highly recommend HTH Worldwide as a must-have travel insurance provider in 2023.

6. Nationwide: Best for Upgrades

As someone who loves traveling, I understand the importance of having a reliable travel insurance provider. That's why I highly recommend Nationwide as the best travel insurance company when it comes to upgrades. Their policies offer various options for upgrading your coverage, allowing you to tailor your plan to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for trip cancellation and interruption coverage, medical expenses, or baggage protection, Nationwide has got you covered. And with a wide range of options for upgrades, you can easily add extra coverage for specific travel needs, such as adventure sports or extreme weather conditions. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive travel insurance policy that you can upgrade as needed, Nationwide is the top choice for you.

7. Seven Corners: Best for Large Group Travel

As someone who loves traveling with a large group of friends or family, I know how difficult it can be to find a travel insurance company that adequately covers everyone's needs. That's why I highly recommend Seven Corners as the best option for large group travel. Their policies offer comprehensive coverage for a wide range of activities and destinations, making them an excellent choice for groups with diverse interests. Plus, their customer service is top-notch, ensuring that everyone in your group will feel supported and covered throughout your trip. Whether you're planning a family reunion or a group adventure, Seven Corners is the perfect insurance provider for large groups on the go.

8. Generali Global Assistance: Best for Emergency Support

I highly recommend Generali Global Assistance for anyone in need of emergency travel insurance support. This company offers three travel insurance plans, all of which offer riders for cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage and rental car protection. Generali Global Assistance is also best known for its excellent emergency assistance services. With a 24-hour emergency hotline available from anywhere in the world, they have knowledgeable staff ready to provide support and guidance in any emergency situation. If you're looking for peace of mind while traveling, Generali Global Assistance is the perfect choice for you.

9. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection: Best for Luxury Travel

As someone who enjoys traveling in luxury and wants to ensure that their trip is fully covered, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is the go-to choice for the best travel insurance. LuxuryCare is a full-featured trip insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover potential issues that may arise during luxury travel. With this plan, you can rest easy knowing that you are fully covered for trip interruptions, trip delays, medical emergencies and much more. Whether you are planning to travel abroad or domestically, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection offers a range of options for any type of traveler, making it the best choice for luxury travel.

10. TravelSafe: Best for Missed Connection Coverage

When it comes to travel, missed connections can be a major headache. That's why I recommend TravelSafe as the best travel insurance option for missed connection coverage. Not only do they offer a generous $1,500 benefit for missed connections, but they also have comprehensive plans that offer cancellation, emergency medical coverage, and emergency travel assistance. Traveling can be unpredictable, but with TravelSafe, you can rest easy knowing you have coverage for unexpected hiccups like missed connections. Overall, TravelSafe is a great option for those looking for reliable and comprehensive travel insurance.

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