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Chester Harley-Davidson honour WWII flying ace in latest custom

Chester Harley-Davidson honour WWII

Title :Chester Harley-Davidson pays tribute to a WWII pilot legend in their most recent customized motorcycle.

Description :On December 22nd, 2022, an article was published and then updated on January 11th, 2023 regarding Chester KTM/Harley Davidson's latest project. After receiving positive reception for their KTM 890 Adventure model inspired by the Dakar rally in 2008, they have focused on using their creative abilities to develop something new.

Chester KTM/Harley Davidson, who garnered attention for their KTM 890 Adventure model inspired by the Dakar rally in 2008, has redirected their creative efforts towards developing a Harley-Davidson Pan America in limited quantity.

Once more, the dealership has collaborated with graphic experts FMG based in Manchester and drawn inspiration from the renowned P47 Thunderbolt that was flown during World War II.

The color scheme of yellow and black was adopted from the aircraft flown by Lt Glenn Eagleston, an American fighter pilot who performed nearly 100 combat missions in Europe during the war.

Fraser Barsby, who oversees Marketing at the Little Stanney showroom, details the alterations that were made to the initial airplane designs and outlines how they were carried out.

Initially, I created a rough design which underwent five revisions before we were satisfied with the final outcome.

He commented that they had to exchange the skull for wings because it resembled too much of the Hells Angels Deaths Head. However, he believes that the Winning Hand replacement is effective.

The bicycle has front forks with yellow tips, which are a reference to the yellow tipped propellers, and there is a squadron number on the front fairing. Additionally, there are matching panniers available to achieve a cohesive appearance.

The bike will be offered for a limited time until Fraser decides to introduce a new design. Their focus is currently on developing a customized Sportster model.

To obtain additional details, please refer to the website

A unique KTM 890 Adventure Dakar motorcycle was introduced by a dealer in the United Kingdom.

The initial release of this text was on December 22nd, 2022, and its author is Stuart Prestidge.

Chester Harley-Davidson honour WWII

Chester KTM has recently launched a KTM 890 Adventure that is of a rare edition and designed to remind people of the glorious days of the Dakar Rally.

A special appearance has been created in collaboration with FMG, a graphic design company in Manchester, to pay tribute to the first 990 Super Adventure motorcycle model released in 2008.

Fraser Barsby is the head of marketing at the Little Stanney showroom and played a major role in its establishment. According to him, the classic bike has always evoked his adventurous feelings.

While driving and filming various journeys in the Sahara using my Land Rover Defender, I often daydreamed about how incredible the routes would be on a motorcycle.

I still had vivid memories of The Long Way Round, while the sand dunes were crowded with gritty motorcyclists sporting sandy grins and traces of oil on their hands.

After over ten years, Barsby, who is currently in his ideal position, couldn't turn down the opportunity to revisit his cherished hobby and enjoy it with fellow "dune-crazy" enthusiasts.

The Chester KTM store has an exclusive bike which will only have a limited production of five. Currently, one has already been sold and another is being kept in Barsby's garage.

Chester Harley-Davidson honour WWII

For a cost of £10999, you will receive a bike that is equipped with sturdy hand guards, a unified seat, and an entire graphics package. Additionally, the price encompasses the complete tech pack for which the original cost exceeds £750.

If you want to learn more, you can contact Chester KTM by dialing 0151 245 6769 or by visiting their website at

Chester Harley Davidson has designed a individualized Pan American.

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