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Honda wins Red Dot Design Awards for 2023 Hornet, Transalp

Honda has earned Red Dot Design Awards for two of its 2023 motorcycle models: the Hornet and Transalp. For these new motorcycles, Honda drew inspiration from its past and reintroduced the Hornet.

Honda wins Red Dot Design Awards for 2023 Hornet, Transalp

The 2023 Hornet and Transalp motorcycles by Honda have been awarded two Red Dot Design Awards.

HondaFor its latest motorcycle models set to release in 2023, the company has drawn inspiration from its history by re-introducing the Hornet and Transalp names. These models will feature a brand new 755cc parallel-twin-cylinder engine.

Honda increased their selection of naked and adventure motorcycles by introducing two new middleweight models, the Honda CB750 Hornet and Honda XL750 Transalp. These models also brought back famous names with historical significance for the brand.

The accolades received by the CB750 Hornet and XL750 Transalp are the latest additions to Honda's award-winning lineup, which previously included winners like the Honda ADV350 scooter and Honda NT1100 tourer in 2021 and the Honda Forza 750 and Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade in 2020.


Toshinobu Minami, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Design Center at Honda R&D Co., expressed delight on receiving multiple Red Dot Design Awards in the Product Design category for the fourth consecutive year across our automobile and motorcycle product ranges. This accomplishment is more special as Honda celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. We consider the recognition Honda receives at the Red Dot Design Awards as evidence of our effective development methods. Our approach to design and usability is centered around humans, and we are pleased to see this focus acknowledged.

out thorough research and development. Our design and R&D teams always prioritize the needs and preferences of our customers. These awards acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Honda remains committed to creating innovative designs that add excitement to our upcoming products through rigorous research and development processes.” 


The awards are proof of the excellent work of Honda's design and R&D teams in creating top-quality products with customer satisfaction at the forefront. They will strive to continue this trend by incorporating innovative designs that evoke a sense of excitement in their future products, while placing the needs of their customers first through extensive research and development. Thus, these team's commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in these accolades, which celebrate their dedicated work ethic towards creating high-quality Honda products. Continuing with this method that prioritizes the needs and well-being of human beings.

The 2023 Honda Civic Type-R and 2023 Honda Civic e:HEV cars were also recipients of Red Dot Design Awards, as won by Honda.

In this assessment, we will be examining and evaluating the features of the Honda XL750 Transalp 2023, with a particular focus on its capabilities both on and off the road as demonstrated through our experience with the new Honda ADV.

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