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New Fiat 500X replacement spotted: price, specs and release date

A new car that may replace the Fiat 500X has been observed during testing, and it's possible that it will be named the Fiat 600. It is likely to be available as an electric vehicle in the UK, but a petrol version is also feasible. Keep reading for more information. 

new fiat 500x

  • New Fiat 600 spotted
  • Possible replacement for the 500X
  • The Jeep Avenger will have parts in common with the all-electric version.
  • 156hp and 248 miles of range
  • 1.2-litre petrol version also possible
  • On sale by the end of the year

The Fiat 600 could be the new version of the Fiat 500X. It is anticipated to be an electric car in the UK market, but it might also have a gasoline-powered version.

Be on the lookout for a new car that will be similar to the Peugeot e-208 and Kia Niro EV, as it is anticipated to utilize components from the recently introduced Jeep Avenger. The reveal of this alternative is expected in the summertime.

New Fiat 600 design

Despite the camouflage covering the Fiat 600 prototype, it is evident that there are many resemblances between it and the smaller Fiat 500 Electric.

Half of the rounded daytime running lights are visible from underneath the cover and the headlights bear a similar resemblance to those found on the Fiat 500. Additionally, the front bumper includes a non-functional grille with an opening for air intake located below.

New Fiat 600 motors
The new Fiat 600 appears to be larger in size than the 500 model when viewed from the side, while still maintaining a similar body shape. Although the prototype features wheels resembling those on a Jeep Avenger, it is probable that these are strictly temporary for testing.

The back of the 600 has some lights that are shaped like a C, which are similar to the 500. Additionally, there is a small spoiler on the roof. The presence of a battery warning sticker on the tailgate indicates that this particular 600 is an electric model.

New Fiat 600 motors and batteries

It is probable that the Jeep Avenger and the new Fiat 600 will have some common components. Although the car is exclusively sold as an electric vehicle in the UK, it is offered with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine in Italy.

Expect the new Fiat 600 to share parts with the Jeep Avenger (pictured)

Anticipate that the upcoming Fiat 600 will have some components in common with the Jeep Avenger, which is illustrated in a photo.

Uncertainty surrounds whether the Fiat 600 will come equipped with this particular type of combustion engine in the United Kingdom. However, it is highly probable that it will utilize the Avenger EV's 156 horsepower electric motor which is located at the front.

Please read Mat's complete and thorough analysis of the subject. Fiat 500 Electric below…

It's probable that the Jeep and this item will share a battery, which will have a capacity of 54kWh and an approximate range of 248 miles.

The new Fiat 600 may be fully unveiled in the summer of 2023 and could be available for purchase by the end of that same year.

Anticipate that the price will be similar to that of the Jeep Avenger, starting at approximately £40000.

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