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Triumph has introduced a fresh model of the Bonneville T120 that honors their collaboration with the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride for over a decade.

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world. Triumph has been an important partner of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride since 2014, serving as its official title sponsor and playing a significant role in the event's growth to its current status. The ride now boasts 90,000 participants in 800 cities worldwide. Globe has been able to gather a sum of 37 million US dollars which will go towards funding research on prostate cancer.

To mark the achievement of a significant milestone between DGR and Triumph, the British company recently revealed a special edition version of the Triumph Bonneville T120.

The new motorcycle is called the Triumph Bonneville T120 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Limited Edition. It will be made in a quantity of 250 and is designed with DGR branding and a black-and-white color scheme that matches that of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

Heritage badge Triumph


The Triumph Bonneville T120 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Limited Edition is equipped with remarkable attributes such as gold embellishments and a brown saddle. Additionally, every motorcycle is accompanied by a numbered documentary that has been autographed by the founder of DGR, Mark Hawwa, and the CEO of Triumph, Nick Bloor.

on today. It’s been a great journey and we are incredibly proud to have formed such a strong relationship with Triumph over the past decade. DGR's founder and director, Mark Hawwa, expressed his surprise at the fact that they're now celebrating ten years of collaboration with Triumph Motorcycles. He admitted that he would have found it ridiculous if someone had suggested this possibility ten years ago. Nonetheless, he still remembers the first year of their partnership as one of his favorite moments, since it was filled with excitement that still remains to this day. The entire experience has been amazing for DGR, and they take pride in having established such an unbreakable bond with Triumph over the last ten years. This occurs annually.

The Triumph brand has become an important part of my life and the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride community. They share our enthusiasm for taking vintage motorcycles on the road and using something we enjoy to make a beneficial difference in our society.

our partnership in style. This motorcycle is a testament to the enduring bond between our brand and the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride community.” The emotions of excitement and love have been combined into a new product that honors their journey. The release of the Bonneville T120 Black Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Limited Edition motorcycle showcases their accomplishments together while also looking towards the future with style. This special edition bike symbolizes the strong connection between their brand and the entire Distinguished Gentleman's Ride group. Engaging in activities that we enjoy to a greater extent.

that the collaboration between Triumph and Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR) was special, and we are thrilled to mark its 10th anniversary. This partnership holds great significance for Triumph, as well as the numerous fans of Triumph DGR globally. Right from the start, it was evident that the connection between Triumph and DGR was exceptional. The collaboration between DGR and Triumph was an ideal combination, as both had a similar love for motorcycles, their aesthetic appeal, and the joy of riding. The partnership went beyond just sponsorship and was driven by a mutual passion.

Over the past decade, the efforts of everyone who participated in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - including the Triumph and DGR teams, dealers, organizers, hosts, and riders - have had a significant impact. They should all feel proud of their contributions to this amazing event and its cause.

Our goal is to create something remarkable to celebrate the launch of the DGR edition of our Bonneville T120 Black motorcycle. We want to capture the essence of the DGR and provide a unique way for riders to enjoy themselves while supporting this great cause.

Learn everything about the Triumph Bonneville 2021 Models by checking out the new line up.

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