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Test drive: Citroën ë-C4 X

 Accept your grief and hold back your tears, as the new Citroen E-C4 X is not intended for us common folk. Taxis and VTCs, however, will find it perfect for their needs... provided they don't leave the city.

Citroën ë-C4 X

version, so it must be a new finish or new equipment. As for the "-C", it is probably an abbreviation for the car model in question, as is customary with Citroën. A maximum of six of the current generation of cars can be seen per day, which is acceptable. However, the use of the suffix "X" in car names is unprecedented. 

A car name with an "X" has a strong association with SUVs, but this new generation of C4 cars does not fall into that category. Elevated. What direction has Citroën taken? One may consider the C5 X, the large roadster of the range, which adopts a higher ground clearance and an elongated station wagon silhouette. 

Could the C4 X then be a C4 station wagon? My poor child. It has been a long time since the brand has shown interest in station wagons. Instead, the "X" should be understood as "crossover" (with "X" being the abbreviation for "cross" in English). Therefore, Citroen is introducing this. The model is described as a combination of elegance found in a fastback silhouette, modern attitude seen in an SUV, and timeless appeal present in a spacious four-door vehicle. End of quote.

Citroën ë-C4 X

can meet the designers. The end result is an unexpected mix of different styles and elements, but the designers managed to make it into something that somehow works. This shows their ability to work in difficult situations and with specific constraints.

 So, it was a mishmash. How did the designers fare? It's purely subjective but they have to be given some credit as they had to keep the front and rear doors of the original C4, which caused some constraints that the designers could encounter. 

The final result is an unexpected mixture of various styles and elements, but the designers managed to create something that works in one way or another. This shows their skill at working in difficult situations and with specific constraints.

 I imagine that someone would have to be quite crazy to be able to attach a trunk in a somewhat coherent manner. Perhaps the wheelbase would benefit from being longer and perhaps the very streamlined rear end has some influence. 

From my perspective, the encounter with the previously drawn front was quite challenging, but eventually, the grafting process went rather smoothly.

Citroën ë-C4 X

surprisingly, the interior doesn't offer many differences from the non-hybrid version of the car. The dashboard is the same and lacks originality. 

However, Citroën has proven that they are capable of doing better! Although there are a few good ideas like physical controls for the air conditioning and a drawer above the glove compartment - the storage areas are also plentiful and practical.

 Note that the quality of the materials meets standard expectations, but nothing more. The interior ambience has also been replicated from the regular C4 model, so aside from the added cost of red leather seats (which comes at a premium of 590 euros), there are no significant differences between this and the normal version.

 of the high-end finish) may have been missed. Despite this, black remains a chic and elegant option, especially with the comfortable and soft seats of the Advanced Comfort version. But some might prefer the colorful interiors found a few years ago, such as brown velvet. I miss the dashboard with matching bumps of the C4 Cactus

Citroën ë-C4 X

Oh yes! Something is different on this dashboard: the central screen has been upgraded to the latest generation. 

It now aligns with the recent releases from the former PSA group (DS 3/4/7 Peugeot 308/408 Citroën C5 X Opel Astra) and boasts improved ergonomics.

 The simplification is principally seen through personalized homepage pages using widgets and an update to the graphics. 

As expected, there is a much nicer interface with HD displays of parking cameras (FINALLY). While GPS with traffic information remains relevant, it is missing a crucial feature for an electric vehicle, but I will elaborate on that later.

Citroën ë-C4 X

However, what changes the most in this C4 model is definitely the interior space. As I mentioned before, the manufacturer chose not to alter the wheelbase in this "berlinisation" of the C4, so rear passengers... 

Their legs won't have any more room to stretch out. However, even though it would have been nice to have a little something extra to really show that Citroën has pushed the idea of offering a "real" sedan, it must be admitted that the C4 X level 3.

 Passenger comfort in row 2 is ensured by the generous legroom, but it is not suitable for people taller than 1.85 m. In addition, the backrest of the bench seat is reclined at a slightly greater angle than that of level 3. This guarantees passenger comfort in row 2. Having passengers adopt a more comfortable posture is definitely advantageous. It's a win-win situation.

In fact, the 24 cm added in length compared to the C4 are solely added to the rear overhang. And 24 cm is a lot. This allows for an increase in trunk capacity from 380 liters (already a respectable score) to 510 liters. 

There are accessible litres from a trunk. The trunk doesn't bother me much even though I acknowledge that the opening could have been wider at its base.

 So, yes, it's less practical than a hatchback, but anyway markets... People from Middle Eastern and Asian Mediterranean regions tend to favor this solution. Therefore, since the C4 X is mainly aimed at these markets...

When it comes to engine options, the C4 X is now available in France with two PureTech gasoline engines (100 hp with manual transmission and 130 hp with automatic transmission), one BlueHDi diesel engine (130 hp with automatic transmission), and an electric motor - which is the focus of today. During Citroen's tests, this was observed. 

batterie de 50 kWh. During the same time as the launch of the updated DS 3 (which we were present for), the e-C4 X model does not feature the new in-house 115 kW engine and 54 kWh battery of its premium counterpart. 

Instead, it relies on the older GMP with a Continental engine rated at 100 kW and a 50 kWh battery. A 50kWh battery is used, providing a range of 360 km, which is only three kilometers more than the C4. This demonstrates the benefits of good aerodynamics.

Citroën ë-C4 X

After driving the ë-C4 X for eight days and covering 425 km, what have I retained? Overall, it was good. Firstly, the car's fuel efficiency was quite impressive since I returned it with a dashboard computer showing low fuel consumption. 

An average of 13.7 kWh/100 km can provide a theoretical range of 340 km in temperatures ranging from 10-15°C, which is quite satisfactory considering the battery capacity. It is even more impressive as previously the rate was at 13.3 kWh/100 km. 

the photo session was very greedy. The level of comfort is also high; the suspensions with progressive hydraulic stops and the Advanced Comfort seats are not surprising because they have already proven themselves. It has been a few years now. 

The Citroen provides a very gradual suspension on bumpy roads, while the extremely comfortable seats are suitable for longer journeys.

In terms of acceleration, it is fair. The "eco" mode is quite sluggish, the "normal" mode allows for smooth insertions and re-accelerations without any issues, while the "sport" mode provides a significant boost in performance. which lacks bite. 

With the C4 X, if you corner quickly, the soft suspensions tend to cause a lot of lateral movement. In addition, when braking, the pedal lacks force. It feels very soft and has an unpleasant sensation. 

To partially address this, there is a "B" mode that increases regenerative braking when you lift your foot off the pedal, saving you some brake wear, but it does not offer a seamless driving experience. The Honda e and Mercedes-Benz EQE suggest the idea of "pedal" control.

Citroën ë-C4 X

To conclude on regrets, there are two more points to consider. Let's start with a major weakness of the GPS: it is impossible to plan a route based on the different charging points that need to be reached if the destination is beyond the vehicle's range. 

in the car itself is very disappointing. You could easily think that GPS is a standard feature in modern cars, but apparently that's not always the case. 

Of course, Citroën offers an alternative with its MyCitroën application to send journeys directly to the GPS, but this does not compensate for the absence of this functionality in the car itself. doesn't seem quite appropriate to me to have something native in an electric car of 2023. Less serious is the head-up display, which in my opinion is completely dispensable considering the poor quality of the projected information; the screen behind the steering wheel. 

Although it may seem small at first glance, the display managed to show me all the information I asked for, albeit with some difficulty. Not everyone (👀 Volkswagen ID.5 👀) can say the same!

), with all possible options, is offered at a price of €49,950. All in all, prices for the C4 X range vary widely depending on options and trim levels. The entry-level model is relatively affordable, while the top-of-the-range with all possible options can reach a very high price. Let's talk about prices. 

The C4 X starts at 27,650 Euros and the electric version of it, the e-C4 X starts at 39,950 Euros (-5,000 Euros with bonus). At the other end of the spectrum, my fully-loaded Citroen e-C4 X Shine Pack with metallic paint is offered at a price of 49,950 Euros. In summary, C4 X prices vary considerably depending on options and finishing levels.

 The entry-level model is relatively affordable while the top-of-the-line optioned one can reach a very high price point. same level of equipment (sunroof, heated leather seats, induction charging), the price of the car was €48,050, not taking into account a bonus of €1,000. It is cheaper than the "standard" C4 model which starts as an electric vehicle at €41,200 with the same equipment. Less surprising!

What if this electric version was not meant for us? A press release discreetly arrived during the Christmas holidays with the headline in capital letters: "Citroën launches turnkey offers on e-C4 X." This statement offers competitive deals for transportation professionals.

 It promises an e-C4 X Shine that comes with metallic paint and can be availed through a lease for €820 per month (inclusive of taxes) over 48 months and 200,000 km after a down payment of €6,550.

 You can either opt for a 12-month subscription with a mileage limit of 50,000 km and a monthly payment of €1,590 including insurance, maintenance, and ten tire changes. I'm unsure if this offer is appealing, so I went to check out the competitors.

 in finesse and style, which does not have a great promotion. Citroën has pulled off a clever move by offering a subscription for a car (akin to the one offered by Mercedes) with identical guarantees at a cost of €1,999 including tax per month, covering 12 months and up to 50,000 kilometers.

Citroën ë-C4 X

movement towards more environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Together, we will encourage the development and installation of electric vehicles and charging stations to support the ecological transition." Let's drive the point home with this second press release published by Free2move last September: "A major partnership for an ecological transition! Free2move is teaming up with Uber France to accelerate the movement towards more environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Together, we will encourage the development and implementation of electric vehicles and charging stations to support the ecological transition." VTC drivers are making the transition to electric vehicles with the help of mobility brand Free2move, which specializes in car-sharing and short, medium and long-term rental. leurs besoins.” The terms are much more vague; one will only know that Uber drivers will, and I quote, "have access to exclusive offers to allow them to benefit from the best prices on the Stellantis group models most suited to their needs." The VTC activity will have its financial contribution of the Uber Electric Mobility Plan deducted directly from the payment made by the driver.

Citroën ë-C4 X

to meet the expectations of its customers with alternative options, in particular electric. In other words, although the C4 X offers limited autonomy for a family car, Citroën tries to satisfy various needs by offering alternative solutions such as electric cars. for both taxis and private hire vehicles (VTC) operating within low-emission zones. In either case, the result is a spacious and comfortable car that may not be the most cutting-edge in terms of technology, but it gets the job done. It doesn't necessarily stand out, but it does its job well. Let's not forget though... Let's not beat around the bush: a generic sedan with a trunk has never really stood out in Europe, but I am curious to see how the C4 X will perform in its preferred markets and especially if we will see any versions of it. Electric vehicles driven by drivers in our city centers...

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