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OnePlus just did something unexpected with the OnePlus 12R

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OnePlus 12R

company initially claimed that the launch of its new smartphone had been postponed due to external circumstances beyond their control. However, they have now admitted that it was actually due to some internal issues. OnePlus is now being transparent about the situation and apologizing for any confusion caused.OnePlus 12Rin actuality, it is equipped with UFS 4.0 storage.The phone continues to depend on the less advanced UFS 3.1, which is slower.The standard was not met by the company, and they also delivered a public apology for it.

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Today, in an updateIn a post on the official community blog, CEO Kinder Liu of OnePlus revealed that the company will provide a complete reimbursement to customers who were primarily influenced by the fast storage feature when purchasing the OnePlus 12R. This is a very generous gesture from the buyer's point of view, and OnePlus' choice is unprecedented.

Here’s Liu’s statement:

"If you have received a OnePlus 12R 256GB model and would like to address any concerns regarding the file system type on your phone, please reach out to Customer Service through your usual communication channel. They will be available to guide you through the necessary actions, which may include a refund option, until March 16th, 2024."

The marketing error caused a lot of commotion online, with many people clearly requesting their money back. This is mainly because there is a significant difference between a UFS 4.0 and UFS 3.1-compatible storage, with certain speed tests showing up to twice the performance gap.

It’s not solely about the speed

Moving to a next-generation storage standard is not just about improving the speed of reading and writing data in a sequence. UFS 4.0 offers benefits such as faster launching of applications, reduced delay, and quicker startup for systems. Samsung claims that their UFS 4.0 technology is approximately 46% more power-efficient.

Samsung's UFS 4.0 storage technology is recognized for its ability to enhance the security of crucial data, such as passwords and personal images, by approximately doubling the efficiency.

Additionally, it is claimed that this feature improves user engagement by facilitating seamless app switching due to decreased delay. Furthermore, it boosts efficiency in tasks involving quick photo capturing or the creation of intricate images like panoramas, thanks to its enhanced memory interface bandwidth.

If a buyer is well-informed about the comprehensive advantages, OnePlus' mistake could range from a genuine misunderstanding to deliberate misleading advertising.

Nonetheless, it is commendable to observe that the company has acknowledged their error and is now following a path that places more emphasis on gaining the trust of the customers rather than focusing solely on making profits. In terms of its worth, the OnePlus 12R stands out as a highly beneficial phone, particularly when considering its UFS 3.1 storage.

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