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Exploring the Unistellar Odyssey Pro Smart Telescope: A Celestial Marvel


Embark on a cosmic journey with the Unistellar Odyssey Pro smart telescope - an astronomical masterpiece that goes beyond conventional stargazing. In this detailed review, we explore the exceptional characteristics and abilities of the Odyssey Pro, a genuine wonder created for both beginner stargazers and experienced astronomers.

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Unparalleled Ease of Use

Seamless Wireless Connection

Say goodbye to the days of laborious telescope setups. The Unistellar Odyssey Pro has revolutionized the process with its user-friendly approach. All it takes is a quick download of Unistellar's app on iOS or Android, a simple pairing with your smart device, and configuring the telescope's location – that's it! Hit 'Watch' and you are ready to embark on your journey to explore the cosmos.

Smart Star Finder Technology

The Odyssey Pro introduces a groundbreaking 'smart star finder' technology, making celestial navigation a breeze. The app provides a curated list of visible solar systems, galaxies, stars, and nebulae based on your location and time. Choose your celestial target, and let the telescope automatically find it in the night sky.

Captivating Observations

Stunning Image Development

When you choose a celestial body using the Odyssey Pro, the timer will start a long exposure photo process. This will reveal intricate details of the cosmos. For example, we were able to capture a stunning image of the M42 Great Nebula in Orion after just two minutes of exposure. The telescope is capable of capturing 4.1MP JPEGs, which ensures that the visuals of your astronomical discoveries are of high quality.

Vast Information at Your Fingertips

Uni Stellar's

(Image credit: Future)

mobile application enhances your stargazing experience with detailed information on up to 5,000 celestial bodies. As the telescope focuses its aim using the built-in star tracker technology, the app displays headlines regarding your selected target. Swipe downwards for comprehensive information, which helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the cosmic wonders you are observing.

Performance and Considerations

Portable and Lightweight

Weighing about 14.3 lbs/6.5kg, including the tripod, the Odyssey Pro offers advanced technology in a portable package. Its sleek design ensures ease of movement so you can follow the stars wherever they lead.

Smart Telescopes: Too Easy?

Smart telescopes are highly efficient and raise a question as to whether they are too easy to use. Unlike traditional telescopes that require time-consuming adjustments, the Odyssey Pro automates the entire process, from pointing to tracking celestial bodies. While some people may perceive this ease as a departure from the traditional pursuit and challenge of stargazing, it undoubtedly provides a fast track to gaining astronomical knowledge and experience.


The Unistellar Odyssey Pro is an exceptional example of the future of stargazing technology. It cleverly combines innovation with accessibility, making it a perfect telescope for both novice and experienced astronomers. If you're looking for a telescope that effortlessly blends smart technology with the breathtaking beauty of celestial wonders, then the Odyssey Pro is the perfect choice to explore the vastness of deep space.

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