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Enhancing Security: Virgin Media O2's Revolutionary Partnership with Hiya

 In an ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for robust fraud prevention tools has become paramount. Virgin Media O2, in a groundbreaking move, has teamed up with Hiya, a leading fraud call prevention company, to offer its customers cutting-edge AI-powered spam-fighting tools and advanced caller identification services. This strategic collaboration aims to fortify the network against the rising tide of fraudulent activities, providing customers with an extra layer of security.

Virgin Media O2's Revolutionary Partnership with Hiya

Unveiling Hiya’s Adaptive AI Technology

At the core of this initiative lies Hiya’s Adaptive AI technology, a formidable weapon in the fight against spam calls. The technology not only identifies suspected spam calls but proactively blocks fraudulent ones, acting as a shield before potential fraud reaches the end user. This innovative approach sets the stage for a more secure telecommunication environment, mitigating the risk of customers falling victim to scams orchestrated by fraudsters posing as reputable entities.

Empowering Consumers and MVNOs

Virgin Media O2 plans to introduce cutting-edge AI-driven tools to combat spam not just for a few but for all consumer customers and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) soon. The primary aim is to build a strong defense against fraudulent activities, particularly instances where scammers pose as banks, mobile providers, HMRC, or courier services to steal personal data or compromise online accounts.

Hiya Connect: Redefining Caller Identification

A pivotal component of this collaboration is the deployment of Hiya Connect, a sophisticated caller ID system. This system goes beyond conventional caller identification methods, offering a multifaceted approach to identify callers. It provides information such as the company name, logo, call purpose, and even location, enhancing customer confidence in answering calls. For businesses, this translates to more effective call response rates, establishing a new standard in telecommunication security.

Unveiling the Numbers

Virgin Media O2 proudly asserts the efficacy of its existing AI-powered spam text technology, which successfully intercepted over 89 million fraudulent text messages in 2023 alone. This impressive track record underscores the network's commitment to staying ahead in the battle against evolving cyber threats.

Murray Mackenzie's Insight

Murray Mackenzie, Director of Fraud at Virgin Media O2, emphasized the significance of the Hiya partnership in bolstering the network's fraud prevention capabilities. This collaboration not only strengthens the defense against spam and fraud but also underscores the company's dedication to providing customers with enhanced protection.

Addressing the Global Challenge

Kush Parikh, President of Hiya, acknowledged the global challenge carriers face in combating phone spam and scams. According to Hiya, a staggering 28% of unknown calls in the UK are attributed to spammers, with nearly 10% identified as fraud. This collaboration empowers Virgin Media O2 customers to actively participate in countering these threats. The network encourages users to report suspicious texts to 7726, contributing valuable insights that enable the company to refine its blocking services and effectively counter emerging scam trends.

In summary, the collaboration between Virgin Media O2 and Hiya represents a notable advancement in telecom security. Through utilizing Hiya's advanced technology, the network is actively establishing a strong defense against the increasing complexity of fraudulent and spam activities, going beyond merely reacting to threats. This partnership establishes a higher benchmark, guaranteeing that customers of Virgin Media O2 can securely communicate in a safeguarded online environment.

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