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Hyundai Sonata and Elantra Sedans Set to Drive Double-Digit Sales Surge in 2024

In a bold move to capitalize on the evolving automotive landscape, Hyundai is gearing up for an impressive growth trajectory in 2024 by ramping up the production of its popular Sonata and Elantra sedans. Freshly updated for the 2024 model year with enhanced styling and features, these vehicles present a compelling proposition for consumers in search of both performance and affordability.

A Vision for Growth

Hyundai Motor North America's CEO, Jose Muñoz, recently announced the ambitious plan to achieve "double-digit growth" in 2024. To realize this vision, the automaker is strategically increasing the production of its Sonata midsize and Elantra compact sedans. This calculated move aligns with Hyundai's commitment to providing a diverse range of options, including both gasoline and hybrid powertrains.

Hyundai Sonata
Huundai's Elantra and Sonata sedans were freshened with styling and features for the 2024 model year and offer a robust menu of options, including gasoline and hybrid powertrains.

Catering to Consumer Preferences

Muñoz emphasized Hyundai's focus on entry-level models, recognizing the growing demand among U.S. consumers for more affordable vehicles. In a market where many retailers have shifted towards higher-priced models and electric vehicles, Hyundai aims to fill the gap by offering cost-effective yet feature-rich sedans.

The Sedan Resurgence

This strategic move by Hyundai is reflective of a broader trend among automakers who are not only holding onto the sedan market but actively capitalizing on it. As interest rates rise, affordability becomes a critical consideration for consumers. Honda, for instance, has reported increased interest in its smaller Civic and HR-V models due to affordability concerns.

Features Driving Demand

The 2024 Sonata and Elantra sedans boast a refreshed design and an array of features, making them stand out in the competitive market. The lineup includes both traditional gasoline-powered models and hybrid options, catering to diverse consumer preferences. Hyundai's commitment to innovation and adaptability positions these sedans as strong contenders in the evolving automotive landscape.


As Hyundai sets its sights on achieving substantial growth in 2024, the increased production of the Sonata and Elantra sedans emerges as a key driver for success. With a keen focus on affordability and a lineup that aligns with consumer preferences, Hyundai is poised to make significant strides in the automotive market. The Sonata and Elantra, with their refreshed design and robust options, stand as testament to Hyundai's commitment to providing high-quality vehicles that meet the evolving needs of today's consumers. 

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