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In Memoriam: John Savident, the Iconic Fred Elliott of Coronation Street

 We express our deepest condolences as we bid farewell to a true legend of the entertainment world, John Savident, who passed away at the age of 86. Renowned for his memorable portrayal of Fred Elliott in Coronation Street, Savident's larger-than-life presence and resonant voice left an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers.

John Savident, the Iconic Fred Elliott of Coronation Street
Fred Elliott had an on-off romance with Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) during his time on the cobbles of Corrie

A Butcher with Character: Fred Elliott's Journey

Savident graced the cobbles of Coronation Street in 1994, introducing us to the unforgettable Fred Elliott, the local butcher with a booming voice and an even more significant personality. His on-screen love interest, Audrey Roberts, played by Sue Nicholls, expressed deep sadness at the news, reminiscing about the joy of working alongside him.

Fred's storylines were woven with the intricacies of his disastrous love life, featuring three marriages and several failed proposals. Notably, his secret son, Ashley Peacock, portrayed by Steven Arnold, added a layer of complexity to Fred's character, creating a compelling narrative.

In a dramatic turn of events in 2006, Fred Elliott met his end through a stroke on his wedding day to Bev Unwin, played by Susie Blake. This tragic moment not only marked the exit of an iconic character but also revealed Audrey Roberts' enduring love for Fred.

Fred Elliott: A Character Beyond the Street

Fred Elliott's legacy extends beyond the cobbled streets of Coronation Street. His distinctive trait of repeating phrases, often interjecting with "I say," became synonymous with the character. Even in his final moments, Fred's words echoed with profound simplicity, advising Bev Unwin to find happiness.

Iain MacLeod, ITV's executive producer for continuing drama, paid tribute to Savident's contribution, stating, "His peerless comic timing, combined with a deep pathos arising from his outstanding dramatic skill, made Fred an unforgettable, iconic character that provided great joy to viewers for many years."

A Versatile Career Beyond Coronation Street

While Fred Elliott made Savident a household name, his versatility extended to various screen credits. From political comedy in "Yes, Minister" to acclaimed roles in "Doctor Who" and Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange," Savident showcased his acting prowess across genres.

His stage presence, including the first staging of "Phantom Of The Opera" and roles in productions like "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" and "Hobson's Choice," further highlighted his theatrical brilliance.

From Guernsey to Greater Manchester: Savident's Journey

Born in Guernsey in 1938, Savident's journey from a local fisherman's son to an esteemed actor began when his family moved to Ashton-under-Lyne during the German occupation of the Channel Islands. His acting career, marked by a fateful encounter in a pub, took flight with a role as Robin Hood in a London panto.

Savident's resilience and talent shone through, transcending his early career as a policeman in Manchester, where he was once stabbed during a gang fight.

A Fond Farewell to a Beloved Husband and Father

John Savident, a cherished husband to theatre director Rona Hopkinson and a loving father of two, leaves behind a legacy that will be sorely missed. As we celebrate his life and contributions, let us remember the man behind the iconic characters – a multifaceted actor whose impact resonates far beyond the television screen.

In the words of broadcaster Tom Hourigan, Savident delivered "arguably one of the most distinctive characters - and deliveries - in British soap history." Actor Stuart Antony, reminiscing about their time together, described Savident as "always lovely and witty."

May John Savident rest in peace, leaving behind a body of work that will continue to captivate audiences for generations to come.

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