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Unveiling the Future: Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer Electric Estate Car

 In the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles, Volkswagen has taken a bold step forward with the introduction of the ID.7 Tourer - a distinctive electric estate car that seamlessly combines the classic charm of a station wagon with cutting-edge electric technology. Breaking away from the trend of SUV dominance, the ID.7 Tourer promises to redefine the electric vehicle market, offering a blend of spaciousness, range, and innovative features that elevate the driving experience to new heights.

Volkswagen reveals ID.7
(Image credit: Volkswagen

Electric Elegance: Design and Storage

At first glance, the ID.7 Tourer exudes a timeless elegance, showcasing a long-bodied silhouette that pays homage to the traditional station wagon. Built upon Volkswagen's proven fastback saloon platform, this electric marvel introduces a refreshing twist with its svelte shooting brake aesthetics. The exterior design, marked by clean lines and a distinctive front fascia, captures attention while maintaining an aerodynamic profile.

Volkswagen has not only embraced the revival of the estate car but has elevated it to new heights. The ID.7 Tourer boasts an impressive 605 litres of storage space with the rear seats intact, expanding to a capacious 1,714 litres when the rear seats are folded flat. Practicality meets innovation as the load area extends to almost two meters in haulage mode, providing a versatile space for any adventure.

To enhance organization within this capacious interior, Volkswagen offers a range of accessories, from modular luggage compartments to a stowable bicycle carrier. The latter, easily attachable to a swiveling towing bracket, showcases the brand's commitment to accommodating various lifestyle needs, capable of carrying up to 75kg of ebike goodness.

Volkswagen reveals ID.7
(Image credit: Volkswagen)

Powerful Performance: Pro and Pro S Models

The ID.7 Tourer will initially launch in Europe, featuring Pro and Pro S specifications. Both models harness the power of a 210kW (286hp) motor driving the rear wheels. The Pro variant is equipped with a 77kWh battery pack, while the Pro S boasts a larger 86kWh pack, allowing for charging speeds up to 200kW. Volkswagen boldly predicts an impressive range of up to 685km (approximately 425 miles) on a single charge for the Pro S model.

Charging efficiency is a cornerstone of the ID.7 Tourer's design, with the larger battery units capable of reaching an 80% charge in less than 30 minutes from rapid and ultra-rapid stations. This rapid charging capability ensures minimal downtime, making long journeys a seamless and efficient experience.

Volkswagen reveals ID.7
(Image credit: Volkswagen)

Beyond Driving: Innovative In-Car Features

Volkswagen has not only focused on the driving performance but has also integrated cutting-edge technology within the ID.7 Tourer. Among the notable features is the inclusion of ChatGPT inside the vehicle, providing an enhanced conversational experience for users. The IDA voice assistant has undergone significant improvements to handle natural speech inputs seamlessly.

The MIB4 infotainment system, a cornerstone of the ID.7 Tourer's interior, has undergone a refresh for improved navigation and customization. Owners can now personalize the screen layout effortlessly, eliminating the need to delve deep into sub-menus for core functionalities.

Wellness on Wheels: In-Car App

Premiering with the ID.7 range is the Wellness In-Car App, a testament to Volkswagen's commitment to the well-being of drivers. This innovative app offers preset functions to relax or recharge during a journey or charging break. The 'Fresh Up' mode, for instance, activates a combination of stimulating sound, refreshing air conditioning, an invigorating back massage, and ambient lighting in blue and turquoise hues.

Additional modes like 'Calm Down' and 'Power Break' provide a range of relaxing animations through the infotainment system when the vehicle is stationary, adding a touch of tranquility to the driving experience.

Volkswagen reveals ID.7
(Image credit: Volkswagen)

Anticipated Launch and Pricing

While the ID.7 Tourer's official pricing is yet to be revealed, expectations suggest it will surpass the roughly £56,000 (approximately $50,000/AUS$95,000) commanded by the ID.7 fastback saloon, already available for purchase. The anticipation for this electric estate car is palpable, promising to bring a new era of sophistication and practicality to the electric vehicle market.

In conclusion, the Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and the evolving needs of electric vehicle enthusiasts. With its blend of timeless design, impressive storage capacity, powerful performance, and innovative in-car features, the ID.7 Tourer is poised to redefine the landscape of electric estate cars. Get ready to embark on a journey where elegance meets efficiency, and driving becomes an immersive and rejuvenating experience.

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