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Global Outage: Facebook Expels Thousands of Users

Global Outage: Facebook Expels Thousands of Users

 In a surprising turn of events on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, a major glitch struck Facebook and other platforms under the umbrella of "Meta," resulting in the forced exodus of a substantial number of users from their personal accounts. Users worldwide reported encountering issues while navigating the Facebook platform, and later, similar malfunctions were observed on Instagram.

Unprecedented Disruption

Numerous users globally expressed frustration as they faced difficulties accessing their Facebook accounts. Reports flooded in about an unusual malfunction, preventing users from re-entering their accounts even after entering the correct passwords. This disruption in social media platforms is not an isolated incident, as millions have reported problems with Facebook in previous years.

Widespread Impact

The malfunction extended beyond Facebook, affecting other platforms affiliated with Meta. Instagram, a widely used photo-sharing app, also experienced a similar glitch, compounding the inconvenience for users. The incident raised concerns about the reliability of social media platforms and the potential impact on individuals and businesses relying on these networks for communication and marketing.

User Testimonies

Hundreds of users worldwide shared their experiences of being abruptly logged out of their accounts, with an inability to regain access despite password attempts. This unexpected outage left users perplexed and searching for answers as the issue persisted across multiple Meta-owned platforms.

Meta's Response

As users grappled with the disruption, Meta responded promptly to address the situation. The company acknowledged the technical glitch and assured users that their technical teams were actively working to resolve the issue. However, Meta's statement provided limited details on the root cause of the problem, leaving users in suspense about the nature and extent of the outage.

Revisiting Historical Incidents

This recent outage adds to a series of technical problems that Facebook and its affiliated platforms have encountered in recent years. The recurring nature of such disruptions raises questions about the platform's robustness and highlights potential vulnerabilities that users and businesses should consider in their digital strategies.


The global outage on Meta-owned platforms, particularly Facebook and Instagram, marks a significant event in the digital landscape. Users worldwide have been affected by this unexpected disruption, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of social media platforms and the importance of contingency plans for businesses reliant on these platforms for outreach and engagement.

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