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A U.S. jury has determined that Amazon must pay $525 million due to a dispute over cloud-storage patent infringement.

 Kove claimed that AWS' services, including Amazon S3 storage and the DynamoDB database, along with other offerings, violated patents related to cloud storage held by Kove.

A federal jury in Illinois has ruled that Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of cloud services globally, must pay Kove, a technology firm, $525 million for infringing on its data storage technology patents. On Wednesday, the jury concluded that AWS had violated three of Kove's patents. These patents are related to technology that Kove claims is critical for Amazon's cloud computing division to effectively manage and access vast quantities of data.

An Amazon representative expressed the company's disagreement with the jury's decision and confirmed their intention to challenge the outcome.

Courtland Reichman, who is representing Kove, hailed the decision as a validation of the significance of innovation and the enforcement of intellectual property rights, especially for smaller companies facing larger industry players.

Kove, which is based in Chicago, initiated legal proceedings against Amazon at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in 2018. The lawsuit filed by Kove alleged that it had developed technology crucial for high-speed cloud storage well before cloud computing became mainstream.

Kove accused AWS of infringing upon its cloud-storage patents through the use of Amazon S3, DynamoDB, and other services. On Wednesday, the jury sided with Kove, confirming that AWS did indeed infringe all three of the disputed Kove patents. However, the jury dismissed Kove's claim that AWS had intentionally violated its patents.

AWS had refuted these claims, contending that the patents in question were not valid. Additionally, Kove has initiated a similar lawsuit against Google in Illinois over the same patents, which is currently in progress.


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