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Despite rejecting numerous blockbuster opportunities, Dennis Quaid, renowned for his role in 'Reagan,' harbors no remorse.

 The musician behind 'Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners' commemorates their 70th birthday on April 9th.

Dennis Quaid has expressed satisfaction with the trajectory of his long-standing career, attributing it to the decisions he's made along the way.

Speaking with Fox News Digital, Quaid revealed that despite turning down roles in major movies, he harbors no remorse. "I truly don't feel any regret. I chose to do 'The Big Easy' over 'Big,' and that decision actually kick-started my career. You can't have it all," he remarked. "That's just how things work out."

Dennis Quaid adopts a laid-back approach when it comes to selecting roles, preferring to let opportunities come to him rather than actively seeking them out. Despite this, he has turned down several parts that eventually became iconic in the film industry.

Dennis Quaid Reflects on How His Faith Has Supported Him Through Ups and Downs: 'It's Something We All Require'

Quaid remarked that at the time he made those decisions, he had his reasons for declining certain film offers. Among the notable movies he chose not to participate in were 'Big,' 'A League of Their Own,' and 'Peggy Sue Got Married.' He mentioned that these were just a few in a series of films he decided to skip, including 'The Dukes of Hazzard.'

Dennis chose not to miss out on the opportunity to star in the biographical movie "Reagan," which chronicles the journey of the United States' 40th president. In March, ShowBiz Direct secured the rights to distribute the film across North America.

Portraying Ronald Reagan was a fascinating challenge for Quaid since Reagan holds the distinction of being the first presidential candidate he cast a ballot for. The actor was keen on delivering a performance that went beyond mere mimicry of the past president, a task he found to be quite challenging.

"He admitted that it was an incredibly demanding part to fully grasp and embody the character. The individual he portrayed was excellent at communicating yet extremely reserved and enigmatic."

"In taking on this character, I gained significant insight into both the role and the man himself. He was instrumental in triumphing over the Soviets during the nearly five-decade-long Cold War, and he managed to do so without resorting to military action. He guided us through periods that bore a striking resemblance to our current situation, and he did so by adhering to his principles rather than succumbing to the prevailing political winds of the time," Quaid elaborated.

Deadline reports that the movie "Reagan" is slated for a theatrical release on August 30.
In a conversation with Fox News Digital, Quaid shared that he has chosen to forego any celebrations for his upcoming 70th birthday, preferring to simply overlook the occasion.

The actor known for "The Parent Trap" expressed disbelief at the onset of a new decade in his life.
"Can you believe I'm about to hit 70?" Quaid said humorously. "My plan is to simply overlook it – to pretend the entire thing isn't happening because it just doesn't feel genuine to me."

Quaid, who celebrated his 70th birthday on April 9, boasts an extensive and prosperous tenure in cinema. Throughout his career in filmmaking, he aimed to embrace a wide variety of character roles. "Being an actor is fantastic," he started. "You have the opportunity to explore and experience a multitude of lives that would otherwise remain unfamiliar to you. You're granted access through numerous doors marked ‘authorized personnel only,’ allowing you to accumulate a wealth of experiences." Quaid expressed that his professional journey has been extraordinary. "Every year brings new surprises," he remarked. "My only approach in my career has been to embrace a diversity of roles, and I believe I've achieved that." Quaid ventured into music with the launch of his first gospel album, "Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners," which was released in July 2023. He recently marked the DVD debut of this album. "It's a reflection of my own life," he noted. "It ends up being a piece of my spiritual odyssey."

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