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The Xiaomi 14 Ultra joins our comparison of the best smartphones for photography!

 The Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers nothing less than the best photo quality on the market for a smartphone. That's why it stands out among the most compelling smartphones for photography.

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

  • An exceptional photo quality
  • A remarkable smartphone across the board
  • High-flying performance

Exceptional smartphone, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra does not usurp its future reputation as the king of photography. We have rarely been so impressed with photos taken with a smartphone and enjoyed examining every detail. From colors to sharpness, passing through the generosity of the image definition, no aspect has been left to chance by Xiaomi, which must definitely be taken very seriously in terms of photography. Solidly equipped, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra lacks nothing and offers both the best photo experience on the market, as well as high-performance and a sumptuous screen. However, there are still some incorrigible black spots on the smartphone's record. Advertisements, notably, in the interface of a device sold for almost 1,500 €. Unacceptable, in our opinion, especially since the manufacturer has not followed its competitors Samsung and Google on extended software support to seven years, making the Xiaomi 14 Ultra less durable than a Galaxy S24 Ultra or Pixel 8 Pro.

Exceptional photo quality

If there is indeed a reason why the Xiaomi 14 Ultra fits into our comparison of the best smartphones for photography, it is precisely because of its quality in this area.

Its 1-inch main sensor, combined with a Leica lens, offers shots of a quality rarely achieved on a smartphone. The sharpness is excellent, the colors are rich and natural, and the noise management is well controlled. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses also provide excellent results for capturing sublime landscapes and striking portraits. To enhance the experience, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has numerous advanced photographic features, such as night mode, portrait mode, and RAW mode.

On the video side, despite the absence of HDR at 4K60 fps, the image quality is excellent, with vibrant colors and a high level of detail. The optical image stabilization proves to be very effective for obtaining smooth and sharp videos.

How does the Xiaomi 14 Ultra compare to the competition at the same price?

Xiaomi 14 Ultra99108810
iPhone 15 Pro10101010910
Honor Magic6 Pro10910899

There are two models in a similar range to the Xiaomi 14 Ultra that we can compare it to: the iPhone 15 Pro and the Honor Magic 6 Pro. These models are neck and neck regarding the screen: it always proves to be very bright while also ensuring a high refresh rate. In terms of performance, all three are powerhouses. The iPhone 15 Pro Max stands out mainly on the software side, where the Xiaomi model suffers from a few integrated ads and the Honor model from an underutilized interface. It should be noted, however, that the very large format of the Apple model may put off some people.

In terms of photo and video, as you can see, these three smartphones play in the big leagues. However, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra offers photos with superior sharpness, faithfully reproducing details, colors, etc. Currently, it is simply the smartphone that offers the best photography experience in the market.

Xiaomi smartphones for photography, it is no joke.

Particularly renowned for its affordable smartphones, Xiaomi also operates in a specific niche: smartphones for photography. The brand navigates through tumultuous waters of fierce competition, but manages well in this area. Since the Mi Note in 2014, Xiaomi has evolved significantly and has introduced several models known for their photographic performance. This was the case with the Mi 6 (with a dual camera), the Mi 9 (triple camera), the 12S Ultra (in collaboration with Leica), and more. Currently, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra stands out as the epitome of a smartphone for photography within the brand's catalogue.

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