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Toyota C-HR: Unveiling the New Hybrid SUV

Get ready to dive into the details of Toyota's exciting new C-HR model, featuring a sleek design and updated hybrid options.

First Generation Drawbacks

 The first-generation Toyota C-HR had its share of drawbacks, including poor infotainment and practicality. Despite its stylish design, these weaknesses held the model back from reaching its full potential.

Second Generation Improvements

 The second generation of the Toyota C-HR has stepped up its game with a revamped design and new hybrid options. With these improvements, the C-HR is poised to make a significant impact in the hybrid SUV market.

Sleek Design and Enhanced Interior

 The new Toyota C-HR model boasts a sleek design with slim headlights, a Hammerhead-style front, flush door handles, and a bi-tone paint finish. Inside, the lower layout and improved visibility elevate the interior, offering a delightful driving experience.

Innovative Infotainment System

 The C-HR comes equipped with an impressive 12.3-inch infotainment screen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, marking a significant advancement from its predecessor. The inclusion of physical climate control buttons and premium materials further enhance the infotainment experience.

Space and Comfort Considerations

 While the new C-HR offers decent storage and practical door bins, its rear seats suffer from limited space, particularly in terms of legroom and headroom. Furthermore, the boot space pales in comparison to its competitors, especially for the plug-in hybrid models.

Refinement and Comfort Upgrades

 The latest generation of the C-HR has made significant advancements in refinement and comfort. With reworked front and rear suspension, as well as improved body control, the driving experience has been optimized for unparalleled comfort.

Enhanced Hybrid Performance

 Toyota's new hybrid options for the C-HR deliver improved performance and come with exciting new features. Notably, the plug-in hybrid version offers a 13.8 kWh battery and an impressive 66 km electric range, setting a new standard for hybrid SUVs.

Future Expectations and Pricing

 While a fully electric version of the C-HR is not confirmed, there are expectations for a future BZ model. As for the pricing, it is anticipated to be in the low to mid £30,000 range, making it a competitive choice compared to other hybrid SUVs.


The new Toyota C-HR impresses with its sleek design, innovative features, and enhanced hybrid options but falls short in terms of rear seat and boot space. With the promise of future developments and competitive pricing expectations, the C-HR is poised to make its mark in the hybrid SUV segment.

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