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Smart has introduced a cost-effective phone protection plan. Here's everything you need to know about it.

 PLDT mobile services arm Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) is set to launch Smart Phone Protect, a mobile phone protection plan designed to offer peace of mind to its prepaid and postpaid subscribers. This plan is aimed at providing an affordable option for users to secure their devices. With the increasing reliance on mobile phones for various activities, Smart Phone Protect will offer users a sense of security by providing coverage for potential damages or loss of their devices. This initiative demonstrates Smart's commitment to addressing the needs of its customers and ensuring that they have access to reliable and convenient mobile services.

Smart Phone Protect offers an annual protection plan that starts at a fee of P125 and can go up to a maximum of P2,500, depending on the value of the device being insured. This plan provides basic coverage for protection against common issues such as screen repair, accidental damage, and liquid damage for the insured device.

Phone Protect+ is a comprehensive protection plan offered by Smart that covers advanced level of protection against theft or loss from fire. The plan requires an annual fee, which starts from P180 and can go up to P3,600, depending on the value of the device being protected. This plan provides peace of mind for Smart device owners, ensuring that they are covered in the event of theft or loss due to fire.

Phone Protect and Phone Protect+ are insurance plans offered by Smart that provide coverage for mobile devices. The coverage amount ranges from P5,000 to P100,000, depending on the specific Smart plan that the customer has availed. This insurance coverage helps protect mobile devices from accidental damage, theft, and other risks, providing peace of mind for Smart subscribers. With this coverage, customers can have their mobile devices repaired or replaced in case of unexpected incidents, ensuring that they can stay connected and productive without worrying about the costs of device repair or replacement.

Smart Phone Protect provides coverage for both new and used devices that are in good working condition. This coverage applies to devices purchased from Smart as well as those bought from the open market, making sure that all subscribers, whether on prepaid or postpaid plans, can take advantage of this service.

Our smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, serving as a tool for productivity and accessing essential services. It's crucial to protect our devices, and Smart Phone Protect offers an affordable solution that makes it easier for everyone to safeguard their mobile devices. According to Lloyd R. Manaloto, Head of Prepaid at Smart, the cost of protection is comparable to phone accessories.

Jerome Y. Almirante, Head of Innovations and Digital Services at Smart, emphasizes that peace of mind doesn't have to come at a high cost. With Smart Phone Protect, individuals can select a plan that suits their device and payment preferences without straining their budget.

Roberto Vea, Commercial Lead of Igloo, expresses excitement about partnering with Smart to expand the reach of this service. This collaboration will enable more customers to protect their investments in mobile devices.

Sign up for a Smart Protect Plan with ease.

Subscribers in the portal are required to provide their Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, and Phone Details. Afterward, users can select their desired Smart Phone Protect Plan and payment terms, and easily make the payment through their mobile wallet, Debit, or Credit card. Upon successful completion, users will receive their policy through email.

Get quick device servicing and enjoy the benefits.

Smart Phone Protect is backed by Igloo, an InsureTech company that streamlines the claims process for repair or replacement with a fast turnaround, particularly for users in Metro Manila.

Subscribers can have their devices repaired within 24 hours for coverage, minimizing downtime and inconvenience and allowing customers to swiftly resume using their gadgets. Smart Phone Protect highlights Smart's dedication to delivering the finest mobile experience to Filipinos, supported by the network that provides the Philippines' top 5G coverage experience, as acknowledged by independent analytics firm Opensignal.

Subscribers may sign up for a Smart Phone Protect Plan via


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